I protect your app from sudden death due to unseen dangers.

Hackers. Ransomware. Zero-day security vulnerabilities. Accidents. Carelessness. Entropy. Code that crumbles. These are all things you don't have time to worry about when building your app. Until it's too late.

I'm David S. Colgan. I'll offload the responsibility for hidden but critical support roles from your programmers so you can focus on bringing your users more value without worrying your company may go up in smoke randomly.

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Adam Hoeksema
Adam Hoeksema
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My writings about the nature of reality

One day Gregor Samsa woke to find he had been used to determine the character limit of text boxes

Takeaway: Check the length of form field inputs!

Once I was doing a livestream making a website called "Internet Flamewar" in front of a squirrely audience. The idea was to submit two things …

Analysis of the Equifax hack and how to prevent it from happening to your SaaS app

Takeaway: Equifax got hacked because it sat on a 10/10 severity vulnerability for 2 months. Update your dang packages sooner!

If you've been following the news at all, you've probably heard of the Equifax hack. Some 145 million credit histories were stolen and now our …

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