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Developers: Escape your 9-to-5 and pursue your goals with remote part-time freelance

Does this sound like your job?

Which then bleeds over into discontent in the rest of life! And after getting ready for work, commuting there and back, and decompressing from the day, what time is there left to improve your situation?

Whatever happened to such dreams as:

If only we didn't have to spend 40 of our best hours at a day job to pay the bills!

I've made it my mission to help as many developers as I can escape jobs they hate with the power of remote part-time freelancing.

David Colgan

Hi, I'm David Colgan!

Through some combination of luck and a strong aversion to workplace-related social norms, I've found a career path that allowed me to escape the rat race and build a life that's less boring: remote part-time freelancing.

Freelancing can give autonomy, time, higher income, and more. Risky you say? Understandable, but the process I'll teach you is designed to reduce risk as much as possible:

  1. Learn freelancing before quitting your day job with a single remote part-time client.
  2. Once you gain a second stable client, quit your day job and work full-time on freelance.
  3. Once your freelancing is profitable and stable, compress it into 20 hours or less and do whatever you want with the rest of your time.

But David, I could never quit my job!

I hear you - everything you've ever been taught has tried to convince you that going out on your own is a complicated, expensive, highly financially risky endeavor that usually ends in failure. Perhaps you are thinking any of:

It's never been a better time in the history of the world to run an online freelancing business, but it's not your fault if you've never heard about this way of making money before. It's literally not been possible for more than the past 5-10 years since the internet came around.

And the above are legitimately valid concerns. That's why the three phase method I outlined above goes slowly but surely, taking calculated risks. There's no living off of savings, no "runway", and no acute time pressure with destitution as the consequence for failure.

More than anything my goal is to show you what's possible, and to empower you to make use of the tools that exist to build a business at your own pace.