Developers: David Colgan helps you escape 9-to-5 employment by building an effective freelance business you'll love to run.

"I feel stagnant in my current development job."

- You, a developer

Do you feel stuck? You've been writing code for years under someone else's direction. You dream of having freedom and control over your days. Maybe you've experienced some of my favorite bad job indicators:

  • An unreasonable or narcissistic boss?
  • A brutal schedule of overtime that never seems to stop?
  • Finding programming just not being fun anymore? (And since when did that happen?)
  • The inadvertent punishing of quality work?
  • A general feeling of soul-crushedness?

Which then bleeds over into discontent in the rest of life! We spend most of our best waking hours of most of our days working, and if work is bad life is bad.

Didn't you have dreams of doing things like:

  • Building your own app business?
  • Traveling the world?
  • Getting 8 actual real life hours of sleep?
  • Spending quality time with your family?
  • Volunteering for causes you care about?
  • Or just working less than 40-50 hours a week?

I say: If you want a job you love, build it yourself!

David Colgan

Hi, I'm David Colgan, a developer like you. My life goal is to help people get better jobs they actually enjoy, and as a developer you have way more options than most people since development is such a valuable skill right now.

Though finding good jobs in today's world can be difficult, it's never been a better time in the history of the world to start a business online. And you as a developer with the ability to code have a superpower that is in high demand.

If you want a great job, build it yourself! I'll teach you everything I know about how to make that a reality.

Freelancing can give autonomy, time, higher income, and more. Risky you say? Definitely understandable, but the process I'll teach you is designed to reduce risk as much as possible:

  1. Learn freelancing before quitting your day job with a single remote part-time client.
  2. Once you gain a second stable client, quit your day job and work full-time on freelance.
  3. Once your freelancing is profitable and stable, compress it into 20 hours or less and do whatever you want with the rest of your time.

Not to mention that most of the problems I see freelancers struggle with come down to having underdeveloped business and people skills, which can be learned!

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