"It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing or dance while the music was being played."

Life as music instead of destination.

Anti-Awkwardness as a Service

A look into Meg Cumby's business of getting freelancers testimonials from clients.

Welding steel as methodology for making friends

How to win a friend for life

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The philosophy of 90's CG animation.

Happy first criticism day to you!

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Networking is not just for extroverts

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A look at Elise's positioning as the website builder for beekeepers.

Why won't grandma pay $1 for an app, but I just spent $900 a month on business coaching?

A consumer mindset vs an investment mindset

Harold goes down to the heart surgery bazaar

How to stand out in a sea of heart surgeons

Why Do You Think I Hired You?

How to compete with $10 an hour.

One day Gregor Samsa woke to find he had been used to determine the character limit of text boxes

Takeaway: Check the length of form field inputs!

Analysis of the Equifax hack and how to prevent it from happening to your SaaS app

Takeaway: Equifax got hacked because it sat on a 10/10 severity vulnerability for 2 months. Update your dang packages sooner!