Developers: David Colgan helps you escape 9-to-5 employment by building an effective freelance business you'll love to run.


Your Own Little Utopia: Freelance From Scratch Part 1

We got into this because we weren't satisfied with employment, so make your business how you want

Let's build a freelance webdev practice from scratch

Watch me go from zero to taking my first client

Butt fire is overrated. Make safe risky bets in freelance and avoid financial ruin.

The Barbell Strategy for safe risky bets

Getting Clients is Pure Luck, So Let's Get Lucky!

Expanding your luck surface area to get freelance work

When I went full indie and accomplished wasting all of my savings

Complete and utter freedom immediately may induce sadness

Independent? That's code for unemployed!

What romantic comedy thinks about self-employment.

Any sufficiently employed knowledge worker runs an ad-hoc, informally-specified, bug-ridden, slow implementation of half of a freelance business

Latent freelancer skills hiding in your employment?

Better To Ask Forgiveness Than Permission and The Larry Wall Experience

Maybe don't be 1001% awesome

Feeling Frustrated - It's Underrated

What a man in a cast iron cauldron climbing a mountain with a sledgehammer can teach us about life.

Productized Services Superdocument

Everything I know about productized services.

It's Because You Think You Have Something To Lose

A Time When Eating a Whole Pile of Donuts In One Sitting Was a Legitimately Good Decision

In Which Harold Re-Decides Every Preference Every Hour of Every Day

A Tale of Two Suitors and Also the Secret To Confidence (At Least in Business)

Neediness is the problem

Did You Know That Not Everyone Flies Into a Heated Rage?

The Empowerment of Saying No

The Gatekeepers Are Gone, So the Floodgates Have Opened

How I Stood Out From The Rest By Answering Email

"It was a musical thing, and you were supposed to sing or dance while the music was being played."

Life as music instead of destination.

Anti-Awkwardness as a Service

A look into Meg Cumby's business of getting freelancers testimonials from clients.

Welding steel as methodology for making friends

How to win a friend for life

Larry, how much stuff do you need to be happy?

The philosophy of 90's CG animation.

Happy first criticism day to you!

What anonymous negative feedback really means.

Overcome your secret weakness by being a horse

In which David shares his secret weakness.

I accidentally networked with a venture capitalist because I was shy

Networking is not just for extroverts

So it's web development, but with BEES

A look at Elise's positioning as the website builder for beekeepers.

Why won't grandma pay $1 for an app, but I just spent $900 a month on business coaching?

A consumer mindset vs an investment mindset

Harold goes down to the heart surgery bazaar

How to stand out in a sea of heart surgeons

Why Do You Think I Hired You?

How to compete with $10 an hour.

One day Gregor Samsa woke to find he had been used to determine the character limit of text boxes

Takeaway: Check the length of form field inputs!

Analysis of the Equifax hack and how to prevent it from happening to your SaaS app

Takeaway: Equifax got hacked because it sat on a 10/10 severity vulnerability for 2 months. Update your dang packages sooner!

A Tale of Two Weak Knees

Which is worse: public speaking, or literal death?

How to mute the internet's worst voices, and the information I actually consume