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Let's build a freelance webdev practice from scratch

Watch me go from zero to taking my first client

Are you considering jumping into a freelance webdev career from your 9-to-5 but fear of the unknown is holding you back? The whole thing is so abstract that the brain rebels and assumes it's impossibly complex.

So, let's make this concrete. I could brain dump on you everything I've ever learned about freelancing, but I don't think that would be quite as useful as just showing you what I'd do step by step if I was starting from scratch.

"From scratch" as defined as: I am already a competent experienced web developer with professional experience working as an employee, and want to take my first freelance client.

The point in my career when I started learning the most about this whole business of freelancing thing was when I identified people who were already doing what I wanted to do and started doing what they were doing. My goal here is to pull out all the stops, to use every technique I know, and to show you dear reader, How To Get Your First Client!

Where we are headed

This'll by it's nature need to be an extended series of emails, so here's a 1000 foot view of where we are headed. All of these will be posted on as well if you miss any:

  1. Planing out your own little utopia
  2. Becoming a purple cow
  3. Creating your online dating profile
  4. Increasing your luck surface area to get lucky
  5. Fishing for compliments
  6. Covering your butt with lawyers
  7. The fine art of receiving money
  8. Constructing your home recording studio
  9. The feeding and watering of leads
  10. Actually doing the work


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