Developers: David Colgan helps you escape 9-to-5 employment by building an effective freelance business you'll love to run.


Everything on my site first goes out as a letter to my mailing list.

I am not a lion and the client is not a gazelle to be voraciously consumed

The Wolf of Wallstreet is not my favorite person, economics of goats and charcoal filters, and the overratedness of supercharisma, plus some horrible movie picks and Monopoly.

How to spend 24 hours a day as a freelancer

Parkinson's Law, structuring a completely unstructured day, a new podcast, and Joe Armstrong is cool.

We interviewed Quinten: Should he freelance or get a full time job? While playing Minecraft.

Also, introducing the Less Boring Freelance Minecraft Business Podcast, or LBFreeMineBizPCast

Feeling in control of your life

Agency is a basic human need, so tell other people what you want.

How to "Just go talk to business owners" for customer research

Also, how I built this mailing list so far as a shy introvert

I'm literally wasting money by not hiring you.

How do you raise your prices? Make your clients more money than you cost.

The project may not in fact be quite done at precisely 10am on Monday

In which David encourages fewer self-imposed deadlines and less future plan announcing

That Time I Made $2000 By Changing One Character of Code

How freelance sometimes gives you opportunities, and what I did in December

How many metric litres of trophy need be injected for 100% happiness?

Achieving of goals vs what happens in between

Nobody cares about you, and why this is a good thing

No, I am not looking for app development.

Getting Clients is Pure Luck, So Let's Get Lucky!

Expanding your luck surface area to get freelance work

When I went full indie and accomplished wasting all of my savings

Complete and utter freedom immediately may induce sadness

Independent? That's code for unemployed!

What romantic comedy thinks about self-employment.

Feeling Frustrated - It's Underrated

What a man in a cast iron cauldron climbing a mountain with a sledgehammer can teach us about life.

Productized Services Superdocument

Everything I know about productized services.

Anti-Awkwardness as a Service

A look into Meg Cumby's business of getting freelancers testimonials from clients.

Larry, how much stuff do you need to be happy?

The philosophy of 90's CG animation.

Happy first criticism day to you!

What anonymous negative feedback really means.

Overcome your secret weakness by being a horse

In which David shares his secret weakness.

So it's web development, but with BEES

A look at Elise's positioning as the website builder for beekeepers.

Harold goes down to the heart surgery bazaar

How to stand out in a sea of heart surgeons

Why Do You Think I Hired You?

How to compete with $10 an hour.

Analysis of the Equifax hack and how to prevent it from happening to your SaaS app

Takeaway: Equifax got hacked because it sat on a 10/10 severity vulnerability for 2 months. Update your dang packages sooner!

A Tale of Two Weak Knees

Which is worse: public speaking, or literal death?