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We interviewed Quinten: Should he freelance or get a full time job? While playing Minecraft.

Also, introducing the Less Boring Freelance Minecraft Business Podcast, or LBFreeMineBizPCast

Recently on the Less Boring Freelance Minecraft Business Podcast, Kelly Johnson and I interviewed Quinten Mertesdorf, a 20 year old freelancer looking for feedback on upcoming big life decisions. Having 7 months of freelance development experience under his belt, should he stick with trying to freelance or should he look to get a full time job - both to learn development more thoroughly and to assuage concerns about finances?

I very much enjoyed this interview, because it touched on a lot of important tradeoffs when making the decision to go independent. You can watch it here:

After talking through everything, I think Quinten is definitely on the right path.

If you'd like to say hello to Quinten, you can email him at

Quinten had this to say about himself:

Hi, I’m Quinten Mertesdorf, a full-stack software engineer who specializes in building fancy and functional sites for businesses using tools such as React.js and SCSS.

What's this about Minecraft and also a podcast?

Like every good newsletter writer these days, I determined that I wanted to also start a podcast. In a past life I was a Twitch livestreamer doing game development streams. I've since moved on from game development, but I always enjoyed the process of streaming and bantering. A few weeks ago my awesome freelancer friend Kelly Johnson and I had been playing Minecraft together over a video call and our respective freelance businesses were often coming up in conversation.

We realized we basically had a podcast on our hands, and tried out livestreaming the whole ordeal. For two hours, we would play Minecraft and talk about freelancing - the kinds of things you might read about in these letters.

I also wanted to eventually try doing some interviews, and our first interview successfully happened last week. Now that we've got a couple of episodes and an interview down, I wanted to announce this podcast to you all reading these letters.

Next week: We talk with Benjamin Lannon about time tracking and project estimation

Our next special guest is Benjamin Lannon, a government contract developer who asked us to discuss time management in an hourly freelance context. We thought we might as well have him on the show, and he has agreed to join.

Specifically we'll be discussing:

  • How do you handle estimating time when working on an hourly basis?
  • What do you do if you hit a roadblock or if the estimate that you told a client is not going as expected?
  • What happens if you need to ask for more time or a longer deadline?

If you'd like to join the live recording and chat, we'll be having this and following shows from 3-5pm eastern time on

Hope to see you there!

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