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Productized Services Superdocument

Everything I know about productized services.

Productized services are a consulting engagement with a fixed scope and a fixed price for a specific target market. It can be a great way to specialize and charge more in your business, and often are tied directly to business value.

Helpful articles by Patrick McKenzie

Notes from Paint By Numbers talk - a highly influential talk for me, what Patrick would do differently if he was starting now

How I went from $100-an-hour programming to $X0,000-a-week consulting - How Patrick made like $30,000 a week selling email

What I Would Do If I Ran Tarsnap - Patrick deconstructs a business that he loves but hates how it's run

The Jonathan Stark body of work - his mailing list is golden

Hourly Billing is Nuts - his manifesto - his template for a sales page that fits for productized services well

The Jane Portman body of work - her site, this is an excellent example of a productized services website

Your Productized Consulting Guide - I haven't read this but heard her promoting it.  Looks solid.

The Kai Davis body of work - the best business podcast about how to run a consultancy, has 114 episodes of gold and is really funny.  After listening to this I hired Kai as my business coach. - Kai's mailing list is golden

Kai also has a lot of ebooks that are relevant and quality

The Philip Morgan body of work - Philip's email course explains how to position yourself

Other things - Badass Your Brand is an amazing book about how to be remarkable.  She now commands $15,000 for a 3 day brand makeover service.

Examples of productized services in the wild - Elise Fog makes websites, for beekeepers - Meg Cumby gets testimonials/social proof from past clients for you so you don't have to feel awkward - Pia Silva from Badass Your Brand fame offers a two step process - "roadmapping", basically a planning session, and then a full brand overhaul for a fixed $15,000 for 3 days. - Nick Disabato's paid mailing list about A/B testing - a list of around 100 real productized service businesses

Ideas for productized services

Security monitoring as a service

Your SaaS app uses a lot of third party libraries.  But how often do you check to make sure you've installed the latest versions of everything when there's a security vulnerability found?

The reason Equifax got hacked is because they sat on a 10/10 critical security vulnerability in Apache Struts for 3 months and then someone noticed.  If they had this service, I would have prevented the costliest security breach in history.

I'll monitor your package.json or Gemfile or requirements.txt file and send you an email whenever there's a security vulnerability that affects your system.  Then I'll keep hounding you until you patch your site, escalating to calling the CEO at 3am.

Stripe integrations as a service

A Stripe integration is kinda hard to get production-stable.  There is a lot of introductory material about how to do a basic setup and the documentation is great, but there aren't many resources that explain how to do everything from start to actual finish - a production system.  I am currently integrating Stripe into a SaaS app for a client and it seems like there could be a productized service in here somewhere.

One of the simplest - offer a 1 hour strategy call for $X00

Most of the high powered consultants I know offer a one hour call for between $100 and $500.  Use to arrange the calls and even accept the payments.

Useful tools for productized services - let clients pick a date and time for a call from a selection of available times you specify.  Also lets you charge for an appointment in simple cases. - a CRM that is widely regarded by people in my consulting circles - a very solid video conferencing system for doing client calls, webinars, and I think even making screencasts

Drip/Convert Kit/Mailchimp - email automation tools.  Combine with Zapier to automate everything.

Know a resource that should be added?

Tell me about it at Also happy to answer any questions or give feedback about your productized service.

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