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Case Study: Musik and Film

Rescuing the Email Promotions System from Misguided Automatic Spam Flaggers

Stephen Wrench

David has provided redesign and support for our radio promotions program for a year now. David has worked on redesign, hosting and support services. We have found David to always be very responsive when any issues arose. He quickly solved any issues we had. We highly recommend David and applaud his level of professionalism.

Stephen Wrench
Musik and Film

Meet the client: Stephen Wrench

Stephen Wrench is the owner of Musik and Film Records, an indie record label that specializes in new artist promotion to radio stations. Stephen has worked with Llynard Skinnard, and is a member of the Grammys team. He uses his extensive knowledge of the music industry and large network of contacts at radio stations to get up and coming musicians in front of radio station producers for airplay.

He uses a custom-built piece of software to send targeted emails to radio stations.

The Problem: Spam complaints threatening to derail the business

The problem started when Stephen received word from one of his contacts at a radio station saying they had not received his emails for a while and wondered why they were taken off the list. They had not been taken off the list, and shortly thereafter he also received an email from Sendgrid, his email sending service, saying that his account had been suspended for suspected spam activity.

Stephen has good relationships with the radio stations he sends to and the emails were definitely not spam (recipients were not unsubscribing, and were actually contacting him about why they weren't getting the emails), but automated services had flagged him.

The Solution: Correct Technical Problems in the Email Sending Integration System

After investigating the problem, we were able to get to trace the spam flagging to some technical problems with the way the app had been integrated into Sendgrid (certain DNS settings had not been configured correctly).

By properly setting up the DNS settings and also diving into the programming code and reworking key aspects of their custom software, I was able to get the Musik and Film system sending emails successfully again, and get the Sendgrid account reinstated.

Musik and Film now has an excellent Sendgrid reputation score at 98%.

Musik and Film's 98% reputation score

Less Boring Solutions continues to provide hosting and technical support to Musik and Film on a monthly retainer setup.