Developers: David Colgan helps you escape 9-to-5 employment by building an effective freelance business you'll love to run.

Let me help you build your freelance development business way faster than on your own

Feeling stuck in your career? Want to build a freelance web development practice that helps you achieve your long term goals?

I'm in the process of giving away everything I know in my writings, but if you hire me I can speak directly to your exact situation.

Freelance Business Coaching - $800/month

Serious about getting to success in freelance as quickly as possible? Learn from someone who's been down this road before.

Skip the trial and error by vicariously experiencing my 10 years of freelance experience. I'll be your business's personal trainer with twice a month, 1 hour video calls and continuous asynchronous access to me to ask any questions you have.

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Async Freelance Business Coaching - $400/month

Are you embarking on a long term, slow but steady journey from employee to freelancer? Don't need in-depth support but want to ask questions and get help when you need it?

My asynchronous coaching service allows you to send me as many questions as you have and I'll answer them asynchronously twice a week.

I can answer freelance questions, review documents and proposals, sanity check ideas, and anything else you'd like my feedback on.

Email me:

1-on-1 Call - $200

Unsure of what to do next in your business? Need advice on the best course of action moving forward? Schedule a 1 hour call and I'll give you my full attention as we discuss your unique situation and together come up with a plan of action.

Calls are scheduled through Calendly. Click the button below to see my availabilities.

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Want to get to know me more first?

Learn my worldview and philosophy of business through my weekly letters:

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The Less Boring Letters

Learn freelancing from someone who's gone down this path before. In the the Less Boring Letters, I'll teach you everything I know about ditching the 9-to-5. Build a profitable new business that you love, benefitting from all of my trial and error.

"I send all my newsletters straight to an email box I almost never read... except David's! Insightful, honest, sometimes downright hilarious, and truly helpful even after years of freelancing."

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