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Work With David

If you want to ditch the 9-5 I can help. Also I practice what I preach and do some freelancing of my own.

1 on 1 Video Call

Schedule a one-time video call where we can discuss any or all of your questions about the freelance lifestyle, quitting your job, overcoming mental blocks, or anything else you want to talk about.

Video calls are $150. Learn more about video calls.

1 on 1 Part-Time Freelance Web Developer Coaching

Two video calls a month and unlimited access to me. Learn the Less Boring Methodology from the me directly. I'll work with you to determine a strategy to quit your 9-5 and help you build your freelance machine to the point where you can begin work on your passion project.

Coaching is $400/month. Learn more about coaching.

Custom Full Stack Django Development

Busted app? Continuously breaking app? Need new features? I do custom Django app development, and I know my way around the frontend too.

Learn more about custom development

I am your personal app and server maintenance engineer

You've built a successful online business but now your developer left and you don't have anyone to turn to if something goes wrong.

I'll completely manage your server and codebase. I'll provide emergency bug fixes in the event that an existing feature stops working. I'll be available for the occasional new feature or tweak. I'll provide security updates and backups to ensure your app stays around.

Learn More About Ongoing Maintenance

Your code reviewed by an experienced developer

$1000/month per developer

When you only have a few developers and resources are tight, things like code reviews fall to the wayside, even if you have more than one developer on staff. Or maybe you only have a single developer and you don't have anyone to review code.

Code reviews are an extremely cost-effective way to increase the quality of your product. I'll review all code committed to your Git repository and give feedback at a fraction of the cost of a full time developer.

Learn More About Code Reviews